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Premmit Associates after several successful years in the Executive Search and Recruitment business has entered the field of Business Performance Coaching.

Premmit Associates promotes a system, which can be used by coaches, HR department and trainers through in-house training. The system includes practical and impacting diagnostic tools, a comprehensive manual of people management methods and techniques as well as on-line tutorials.

A comprehensive manual of resources that includes exercises for engaging people.

Diagnostic tools for you to identify organisational and individual needs:

a. Task coaching

b. The People ModelTM organizational and individual needs

c. Business leaders development wheel

d. Managers development wheel

e. The staff development wheel

f. The personal development wheel

These diagnostic tools facilitate business planning, leadership, succession planning, and performance management, barriers to performance training and development, motivation, managing change and communication. Coaching importantly leads to development a business action plan which consist of identifying key business challenges, key business goals, workforce development needs and skills that will give you the next steps to move your plan forward..

"We like to see ourselves not merely as a service provider, but ultimately as a business partner."

Reginald Gourgey - Principal Consultant

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